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Water Popping Guide

Get deeper and more even coloration from hardwood floor stains when you water pop. Learn why water popping is an important technique in the professional’s toolkit.

Floor Sealer And Finish Guide

Getting the right look and protection for hardwood floors is easy with Bona sealers and finishes. Bona oil-based finishes and sealers provide the best level of protection and ease of use to create the perfect look for wood floors.

Wood Floor Stain Help for Pros

Capture the exact look clients are looking for with help from Bona Drifast Stains.

Top Contractor Resources for Home Use

Discover the best ways that Bona supports professional floor contractors with valuable resources found on the Bona pro website.

Off the Job Safety

Learn best practices to keep you and your family safe from COVID-19 as you return home from work.

Helping with Wood Floor Cupping

No one wants wood floor cupping, but you can help customers find solutions to their floor cupping problems.

How to Install Luxury Vinyl

Learn how to install luxury vinyl flooring and see if it’s something you want to take up as your next DIY project.

The Best Oil for the Job

Discover the range of oil-based products Bona offers to best protect hardwood floors.

Custom Stain Mixing Guide

Learn what it takes to better understand mixing custom floor stain colors. Bona’s stain mixing guide will give you important information to stay informed and keep client expectations realistic.

Belt Sander vs Orbital Sander

Learn about the differences between belt sanders, orbital sanders and random orbital sanders. Discover what each sander is good at so you’re not wasting time and effort with the wrong tool.