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United States
  •  - Bona Commercial System Color Chips
  •  - Base Color Chips
  •  - Base Color Chips- Black
  •  - Base Color Chips- White
  •  - Base Color Chips- Neutral Gray
  •  - Base Color Chips- Medium Gray
  •  - Base Color Chips- Ivory
  •  - Base Color Chips- Beige
  •  - Base Color Chips- True Blue
  •  - Base Color Chips- Heaven
  •  - Base Color Chips- Moss
  •  - Base Color Chips- Lipstick Red
  •  - Variegated Color Chips Swatches
  •  - Variegated Color Chips- Schist Stone
  •  - Variegated Color Chips- Kona Beige
  •  - Variegated Color Chips- Rose
  •  - Variegated Color Chips- Silver Mica
  •  - Variegated Color Chips- Maui Blue

Achieve unique and beautiful design elements when renovating your resilient floors with Bona Commercial System™ Color Chips. They can be added in various concentrations depending on the desired look. Offered in 10 base colors and 5 variegated color options to provide an infinite number of custom color combinations. For additional custom combinations, contact your Bona  Sales Representative


  • Adds beauty and depth to resilient floors

  • Easy to apply

  • No additional time applied during the coating process

*Please note colors shown are for visual representation only and may vary from the true color depending on your screen resolution

 Bona Commercial System Product Catalog